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1 East Point
Aleksandre Tvalchrelidze St. 2, Tbilisi
Trade Center
East Point | ისთ ფოინთი • 28 Apr 2017
The open concept shopping and entertainment center, where you and your whole family can dive into the depths of fashion industry and the heart of amusement
2 Tbilisi Mall
Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave 16 km, Didi Digomi, Tbilisi
Trade Center
Germán León • 09 Sep 2012
If you want to go shopping as in Europe, don't miss this place because it is the only one in Georgia for this :)
3 Merani Mall
Shota Rustaveli Ave 42, Mtatsminda, Tbilisi
Trade Center
Sally Sparrow • 18 Aug 2013
Favourite shopping centre in the city :)
4 Domino
Aleksandre Tvalchrelidze St. 1, Tbilisi
Trade Center
Olga Ramer • 17 Mar 2017
It's sort of Home Depot store in Tbilisi. There a few of them. This one has good prices and good selection. It works till late. They also have good selection of plants.
5 Grato Passage
Merab Kostava St 41, Vera, Tbilisi
Trade Center
• 19 Feb 2017
office rental, ? :))))))))))))))
6 Pixel 34
Ilia Chavchavadze Ave 34, Vake, Tbilisi
Trade Center
Deniss Hohlovs • 16 Mar 2013
PIXEL CENTER is the first internationally recognized Class A+ building and the first environmentally progressive working space in Tbilisi. You grow your business - we take care of the rest.
7 Didube Market
Rapiel Agladze St 32a, Didube-Chugureti, Tbilisi
Trade Center
Юрий Писарчик • 08 Sep 2013
There are some cafeteria with national dishes around the market and bus station. Portions are big, prices are low.
8 Lilo Mall
Kakheti Highway 112, Lilo, Tbilisi
Trade Center
Arsine • 03 Dec 2017
a gde mojno pokupat podguzniki optm
9 Karvasla
Tsotne Dadiani St 7, Nadzaladevi, Tbilisi
Trade Center
Ivane Kurasbediani • 08 Apr 2014
PIAZZA ITALIA, very cheap and stylish shop... Try it out... 2nd floor... ✌️😎
10 Panda
Akaki Tsereteli Ave 1, Didube-Chugureti, Tbilisi
Trade Center
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