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1 Vake Park
Ilia Chavchavadze Ave 76, Tbilisi
Park, Square
Nini Akhvlediani👑 • 24 Aug 2012
Best park ever, many have spent their childhood their, best childhood memories and good nature with great tennis courts ❤
2 Rike Park
Europe Square, Avlabari, Tbilisi
Park, Square
Ali Nzm • 04 Sep 2014
This is the newest public recreation area in Tbilisi, popular with familes, especially in summer. It sits on the left bank of Mtkvari river, under the gaze of the Presidential Palace
3 Mtatsminda Park
Mtatsminda plateau, Mtatsminda, Tbilisi
Park, Square
David Chitanava • 21 Oct 2012
Nice and old theme park in Tbilisi welcomes visitors since 1930 year. Its located on top of Mamadaviti (Saint David) mountain. Park was renovated in 2007 year.
4 Mziuri Park
Ilia Chavchavadze Ave, Vake, Tbilisi
Park, Square
Ali Nzm • 04 Sep 2014
one of the most interesting parks in the city. Usually crowded by students from the nearby Universities, there is a small amphitheatre that sometimes hosts local bands and musicians.
5 The Botanical Gardens
Botanikuri St 1, Narikala Castle, Tbilisi
Park, Square
Alevtina Borisova • 21 Sep 2016
I fell in love with this place. There are two benches from which you can practically see the whole city! There are just two entrances; the price is 2 lari.
6 George Leonidze Park ( Former Alexander Park)
Revaz Tabukashvili St, Mtatsminda, Tbilisi
Park, Square
Ali Nzm • 04 Sep 2014
famous for old plane and pine trees. Its upper area is named after the events of 1989 when an anti-Soviet demonstration was dispersed by the Army, resulting in 20 deaths and hundreds of injuries.
7 Vilnius Square
Daniel Chonkadze St, Mtatsminda, Tbilisi
Park, Square
Ekaterine Ebanoidze • 12 Jul 2014
Good place for relax with your cute baby✌️🍼
8 Djansug Kakhidze Garden
Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave 127, Didube-Chugureti, Tbilisi
Park, Square
Nanka Kudiani • 13 Jun 2013
Очень красивое местооо ❤❤❤👍👍👍
9 Texel Square
Grigol Robakidze Ave, Digomi, Tbilisi
Park, Square
Alisa • 25 Mar 2014
Good place for those living in DoCoMo to walk with children. Cannot actually get why there is no open cafe here
10 Mushtaidi Park
David Kipiani St, Didube-Chugureti, Tbilisi
Park, Square
Tako T • 10 Mar 2013
Renovated. Worth seeing.
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