Privacy Statement (from henceforth “Pinpoint” or “us”) thanks you for accessing the website (henceforth “website”) and expressing interest in our services.

Our principles of confidentiality

The protection of our client’s confidentiality and privacy is of utmost importance for our activity. We believe that by familiarizing themselves with our privacy policy, our clients will become more aware of how we ensure the privacy and security of client information and, at the same time, use it to provide services and products.

We may disclose or transfer any personal information collected on this website when we have the right or obligation under legislation, or have permission to or are compelled to disclose this information. We may also transfer or provide this information to any country or through any country as we consider necessary or appropriate.

By logging on to the website, you signify your agreement to the conditions of the privacy policy statement (henceforth “statement”). If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the statement, then do not visit the other pages of this website. This statement may be modified occasionally. Therefore, please check back regularly to familiarize yourself with the updated version.

What are the goals and scope of this statement?

We take on the responsibility of protecting the personal information we collect from users of this website. Therefore, we have developed this statement in an effort to explain what type of information we collect from the users of this website and by what means, as well as what our goals are for collecting, transferring or disclosing this data.

This statement applies to any information that we obtain as a result of your use of this website. The statement does not apply to any website, the links to which are provided on this website but which is operated by third-parties (henceforth “third-party websites”). Please refer to the third-party website privacy statements, as Pinpoint is not responsible and does not control third-party website content or privacy policy.

What type of information is processed?

Information regarding website navigation

The information systems (IT) and computer programs used for this website collect different personal information as part of their usual operations. The above-mentioned information is the same as that which is transmitted during regular use of the Internet (based on the TCP/IP protocol). This information is not collected with the purpose of creating a database of related individuals, but due to its nature, third parties may be able to process and sort the information to successfully identify the users of the webpage.

This type of information includes the website users’ computer internet protocol addresses (IP address) and domain names, the addresses of the requested resources (through the Uniform Resource Locator - URL format), request times, methods through which the requests are transmitted to the servers, the size of the files received in response, the digital code describing the state of the response provided by the server (completed successfully, with errors, etc.) and other parameters, which are associated with operating systems and the users’ information technology. This data may only be used for anonymous statistical information purposes that are related to the usage and correct functioning of the website.

Note that the data can be used to identify individuals who are currently under investigation for activities considered as computer crime and pose a threat for the operation of the website and the processor, or other related and linked websites. If such an investigation is not underway, the internet connection data is destroyed within a few days.


Cookies are not used to transmit personal information. Persistent cookies are not used at all (persistent cookies record the activities of the user). Session cookies (which are stored temporarily in the user’s computer and are deleted once the web-browser is closed) are used to transmit session identification data, which is necessary for the secure and effective use of the website.

Session cookies used by our website exclude the use of other information technologies, which may pose a threat to the user’s confidential navigation. This cookie does not collect personal information identifying the user.

The optional nature of transferring personal data

In addition to the above-mentioned navigation data, users can enter their personal information through the electronic forms provided by separate services on the website. Note, that without filing this information, it might be impossible to process your requests.

Processing procedures and security measures

Personal data is processed through automated or manual equipment. The processing times are determined by the amount of time needed to perform the work for which the data is collected.

Compliance with specific security measures is ensured in order to prevent loss of data, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access. Data from segments of the website, designated for services for which the user must enter personal data, is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security technology. The SSL technology codes the information before transmitting it to the Internet, between the user’s computer and our central systems. As a result, this information becomes inaccessible for unauthorized persons and, thus, the security of the transmitted information is ensured. In order for the SSL technology to be used, the user’s browser must be able to exchange security keys with a minimum size of 128 bytes to ensure the above-mentioned secure connection to our central systems.

What should we know regarding the transfer of data through the Internet?

In general, the Internet is not considered to be a safe environment. Information transmitted through the Internet may be accessed by unauthorized third parties, which may result in the disclosure of this information, modification of its contents or other technical defects. Even when the sender and recipient are located within the same country, information transmitted through the Internet may be transferred across international borders and through a country where the data security level is lower than in your country of residence.

Note, that we accept no responsibility or liability for the security of your information.

Versions of the Privacy Policy

Taking into account that the use of automatically controlled mechanisms does not rule out the possibility of errors, time delays and other such factors, this document is considered to be the Privacy Policy for the Pinpoint website. Note, occasionally, this statement will be updated (various versions of this statement will always be readily accessible).

By checking electronically/acknowledging the present Terms and Conditions, you confirm that the information you have provided is true and accurate, the provision of information was carried out in accordance with your will and for such provision you have obtained all necessary rights and permits prescribed by the law.

By checking electronically/acknowledging the present Terms and Conditions, you authorize us and approve that we may at our sole discretion, at any time and frequency require and receive information being in connection with you, from the any source, including personal information, in order to read, inspect, compare, use for banking and other purposes, analyze, record and fulfil obligation(s) set forth by the laws and/or assumed under agreements.